Lisa L. Frechette, M.A., M.Ed.



Slammed with the overwhelmingly painful behaviors resulting from her son's struggle with addiction changed Lisa - for the better. Lisa shares her journey of self-discovery and healing in her book - Transforming to Joy; Responding to My Son's Struggle With Addiction.

Lisa offers Book Talks in a variety of settings- schools, organizations, private groups, and more. 

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Wrap your body temple in uplifting and healing  energy!   

Created by Lisa, the fiery Adam's Red design clothing/accessories reminds you of your choice  to respond to the challenges of life, addiction, and recovery with strength, courage, and love.

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Connect with Lisa one-on-one to develop personalized strategies to heal & respond to addiction-related behaviors and trauma. 

Make a Let It Be Box with Lisa. Create a beautiful healing ritual to release worry, anxiety, & fears. Perfect for individual, small, or large groups and may be paired with a book talk.

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Contact lisa for bulk book + clothing pricing & to schedule book talks + HEALING SESSIONS.