Here's a bit about me and how my life has unfolded.

Lisa L. Frechette, M.A., M.Ed.

lisa's backstory

Connecting the dots ...

As a young girl, I sat at the typewriter for hours pretending to be a writer. I have always loved playing with the sound of words, feeling the energy in words, and sifting through the myriad combinations in which a phrase or sentence can be strung together. I suspect this passion for words was inherited from my mother, a spelling bee champion. 

Life has taken me on a twisty path of experiences. I earned master’s degrees in counseling and education and have worked with a variety of clients and students from  preschool to middle and high school. Early in my career,  I birthed three children. During the years as a young mother I discovered a painting process that shifted the course of my life.  Little did I know the impact this would have on my future life.

Today, as a working artist,  inspiring narrative stories I write accompany each of my paintings, heightening their meaning. My passion for the visual arts and the written word has organically merged in the past several years. Most recently, an elevating line of clothing has been translated from the paintings. To experience my art and clothing designs please click the link

My middle child, Adam, began his struggle with addiction in his teens. Years later, with Adam in mind and heart, I created a painting titled Adam's Red

I'm enchanted by the beautiful lotus flower which requires mud and muck to blossom. That mud and muck perfectly reflects the suffering I experienced witnessing Adam's growing, and later full-blown addiction. Ironically, that suffering, over the course of many years, awakened and shifted my life positively on all levels - mind, body, and spirit.

I felt compelled to write the story of our mother-son relationship.  The story became a  book titled Transforming to Joy; Responding to My Son's Struggle With Addiction.  It naturally followed that the Adam's Red painting - formed into a magnificent lotus - be used for the book jacket, a symbol of the beauty inherent in self-discovery and healing. 

Serendipitously, the Adam's Red painting has even channeled itself into a powerful collection of clothing and accessories!


Now, Transforming to Joy's mission is under way, offering three healing opportunities for mind, body, and spirit.

Mind - The Book and Book Talks provide a foundation for hope, healing, and strategies to respond to addiction related challenges. 

Body - The fiery and powerful energy of Adam's Red design clothing/accessories 

acts as uplifting reminder to respond to life's challenges with strength, courage, and love.

Spirit - Opportunities for self-discovery and healing deepen through one-on-one Transformative Mentoring and the Let It Be Box creative project .

My personal experiences, educational training, and professional skill set have culminated in my ability to offer you a variety of healing modalities as you journey to uncover joy.

May Transforming to Joy become a mantra for you as the lotus of your life unfolds. 



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