Inspired to Create


Author and artist, Lisa L. Frechette, offers her book, painting, and clothing/accessories line in celebration of her son, Adam -

Why The Lotus


The exquisite beauty of the lotus flower represents the process of awakening, of becoming pure in mind, heart, and spirit. This messy human process reflects itself in the mud and muck in which the lotus floats upon. The challenges, pain, and suffering in life are the mud and muck that allow one's heart to open to deeper truth and love ✨

The Adam's Red lotus design, adapted from the painting, rests upon the book cover and clothing/accessories.

The Book


Slammed with the overwhelmingly painful behaviors resulting from her son's struggle with addiction changed Lisa - for the better. Lisa shares her story in her book and encourages recovery by wearing powerful Adam's Red clothing/accessories as a reminder to respond with strength and love rather than fear.

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Book Talks

Lisa welcomes the opportunity to share her story

Lisa welcomes the opportunity to offer healing through Book Talks, Creative Healing Workshops, and Adam's Red clothing/accessories to support recovery. She is available to work with

- organizations 

- schools/universities

- yoga studios

- book stores

- private groups

Lisa's  greatest desire is to help relieve suffering and expand the capacity of joy in the lives of others. 

Please contact her to schedule an event at

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