by Lisa L. Frechette

inspiring book Transforming to Joy;Responding to My Son's Struggle With Addiction offers hope

This inspiring book offers hope and strategies to shift from reacting with fear to responding with love even in the most challenging situations.

praise for Lisa's book

praise for the book transforming to joy, a book about addiction and inspiration

Lisa's book is written & read like poetry -

As a recovering alcoholic, I found great healing with this story. I could feel the struggles and joys of addiction and recovery. I highly recommend this book to everyone.

- Cynthia C. White

Holistic Nutrition Consultant & Addiction Counselor

the book transforming to joy; responding to my sons struggle with addiction is  inspiring

What an endearing story of a mother's love for her son -

I started the book and couldn't put it down. What an amazing and heartfelt story. As a mother of a son, I could completely feel her tender love and strength throughout the book. Beautifully written!

- Robin

The book: transforming to joy by lisa l. frechette

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Lisa introduces Transforming to Joy; Responding to My Son's Struggle With Addiction 

book jacket for transforming to joy

About the book -

Transforming to Joy; Responding to My Son's Struggle with Addiction by Lisa L. Frechette tells the poignant story of how she shifted her thinking and way of being in the world. Over the course of many years, Lisa learned how to respond with love rather than react with fear to the burgeoning chaos and suffering inherent in loving someone with an addiction. For her, that someone was her son.

Lisa uses the spiritual symbol of the lotus throughout the book as a metaphor, comparing her son’s addiction to the mud and muck in which the beautiful lotus rests upon. The suffering, or mud and muck, she experienced witnessing her son’s downward spiral became her impetus for changing herself. Transforming became her daily practice as she surrendered to deeper levels of awareness and truth, thus opening her heart to increasing moments of joy.

Lisa shares the merging of her inner and outer journey with honesty, courage, and clarity. This little book offers an enlightening path to men and women who seek ways to use personal challenges as a means of growing and transforming to joy.

"When he broke one of our agreed upon house rules, it came as quite a blow to me. The details of the error are irrelevant. What is relevant is the way we worked through it."

- Excerpt from Transforming to Joy


Why The Lotus


The exquisite beauty of the lotus flower represents the process of awakening, of becoming pure in mind, heart, and spirit. This messy human process reflects itself in the mud and muck in which the lotus floats upon. The challenges, pain, and suffering in life are the mud and muck that allow one's heart to open to deeper truth and love ✨

Book Talks

Lisa welcomes the opportunity to share her story

Lisa welcomes the opportunity to share her story with organizations, book clubs, 

journalists, and through interviews. 

Her greatest desire is to help relieve suffering and expand the capacity of joy in the lives of others.

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