Are you feeling distress about someone's drinking, drug abuse, or other addiction?

The book Transforming to Joy offers hope, healing & help for those who love someone with addiction.

I humbly offer you the story about my relationship with my son, Adam.

It is a story of hope, healing, and strategies to respond to the very challenging effects of alcoholism and substance abuse. 

May it remind you that you're not alone and that moments of joy are available to you - whether your loved one is using, clean, or has passed from this earth.




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Praise for lisa's book

I felt connected throughout the story -

I was immediately submerged and connected reading Transforming to Joy. Front to back it’s a complete body of work. It was calming and peaceful to read.

- Jak Kelley

What an endearing story of a mother's love for her son -

I started the book and couldn't put it down. What an amazing and heartfelt story. As a mother of a son, I could completely feel her tender love and strength throughout the book. Beautifully written!

- Robin

Compelling -

Lisa’s book, Transforming To Joy, is a rich soulful look at a parent’s life dealing with their child’s addiction. It’s compelling and difficult to put down.

- Bob  Diamond

Thank you -

We want you to know Transforming to Joy is a powerful tool helping others dealing with life’s sorrowful moments. Your book gives hope to others. When your story is read we can feel your invitation to join you in a journey to Transforming to Joy.

- Bev and Joel Katz


Your ability to communicate your story is amazing as is your rare ability to stick with practices and go so deep to find the meaning and joy inside pain.  You are very determined to go there and work it through until it emerges.

- Lynn

Written & read like poetry -

As a recovering alcoholic, I found great healing with this story. I could feel the struggles and joys of addiction and recovery. I highly recommend this book to everyone.

- Cynthia C. White

Holistic Nutrition Consultant & Addiction Counselor

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