Adam's Red design women's clothing supports awareness, healing & empowered living.

The Adam's Red design, translated from my painting, is a reminder to respond to the challenges of life with strength, courage, and love.




HEALING WITH Adam's Red ... the backstory

Lisa L's Adam's Red Painting

Inspired by Adam -

For over twenty years, I have been painting in abstract form. It's a relaxing, healing, and meditative experience for me. One hot humid summer day, I felt inspired to paint outdoors on a recycled piece of metal using red paint. My son, Adam, came to mind and heart as red was his favorite color, even as a young boy. I let go, allowing the painting process to work through me. The result is the Adam’s Red painting.

Later, it occurred to me that the Adam’s Red painting would translate beautifully and make a bold addition to my growing clothing and accessories line. 

Taken one step further, the Adam's Red painting has also been adapted to the lotus featured on the Transforming to Joy book jacket!

Peruse the Adam’s Red clothing/accessory line and experience the fiery potential of healing and recovery.

For any purchase you make, a portion will be donated to the recovery programs Adam participated in. 

Bowing  in appreciation,


Lisa L. Frechette

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