let it be box
A simple way to Let Go of what no longer serves you.

Let it be box

Create a letting go ritual.

Begin by personalizing your own  wooden box. Write your worry, anxiety, or fear on a slip of paper and place it in your Let It Be Box with the intention of letting it go. Relax into peace.

3 options:

  • Kits for Home
  • Group workshops
  • Online coming soon!

With love, 


Lisa L. Frechette, M.A., M.Ed.

Watch this video about the Let It Be Box process.

let it be box kits

let it be box

Let It Be Box kits

Make your Let It Be Box in your home. 

Materials and full directions are included in your kit.

group workshops

let it be box


Are you frustrated trying to let go of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that no longer serve you? 

In a  Let It Be Box workshop, you create a vessel and learn how to use it at home as a ritual for letting go.

Greater moments of peace, freedom and joy will open as you create a ritual of releasing worry, anxiety, and fear using your Let It Be Box.

All materials are supplied.

Please contact me for additional information, pricing, and to schedule a workshop.

With love,


Lisa L. Frechette, M.A., M.Ed.

online classes coming soon!

let it be box

Create a ritual of Letting Go

Release what no longer serves your highest good. Open to the possibility of peace.

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